Industrial Powder Coating - RFQ

Powder Coating Process

The powder coating process begins with the careful preparation of your parts. This is accomplished by masking any areas such as threaded holes and studs, bushings, or other areas not to be coated so that no powder will reach those areas. Then the parts are either abrasive blasted or washed to prepare the metal surface for coating to ensure solid adhesion of the powder to the part. Our six stage wash system consists of:

  • stages one and two alkaline wash
  • stages three and four reverse osmosis water rinse
  • stage five silane pretreatment
  • stage six reverse osmosis water mist

After pretreatment by either washing or blasting, parts are coated in one of three powder coating areas using an epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, or epoxy-polyester based coating depending on your needs.

  • a 6’high x 6’wide x 6’deep batch coating booth
  • a 10’ wide x 30’ long x 10’ high batch coating booth
  • an automatic booth capable of having parts 3’ wide x 6’ high x 10’ long run through it.

Parts are then cured in ovens at 325-400 degrees until the coating is fully cured.

Other services Chesapeake Coating offers include:

  • silk screening parts
  • pickup and delivery
  • paint stripping
  • packaging

Powder Coating Services