Industrial Powder Coating - RFQ

Industrial Powder Coating Services

Our high-volume automated coating line is designed to meet the powder coating needs of industry in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our silane based pre-treatment system will give you the best possible pre-treatment for your steel, aluminum, and galvanized parts. Our automated powder coating booth allows us to change colors in 15 minutes without risk of contamination from previous colors to give us unequaled flexibility in scheduling your parts to meet your delivery requirements. We have experience dealing with many different industrial and commercial coatings in industries such as:

  • fiber optic controls
  • communication equipment
  • Industrial Powder Coating Servicescomputer housings
  • store displays
  • motorcycle and automotive parts
  • military
  • ornamental fencing
  • marine coatings
  • architectural coatings
  • fluoropolymer coatings
  • intricate maskings for precision parts